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Wellness & SPA

For the love of beauty and harmony

What is the best we draw from nature. Algae, minerals, vitamins and oxygen will restore a beautiful and healthy appearance of your face and body.



EGF Placenta -  Peptide Treatment

Treatment based on colloidal gold and BIO- placenta that reduces wrinkles and makes the skin look younger. Due to luxurious ingredients  it provokes collagen and elastin production in human skin. EGF growth factor boosts cellular revival and regeneration of dermis.  The golden flecks brighten up your complexion.

Treatment time: 70 min.


Golden vitamin C –brightening and energising treatment

Exclusive cure based on pure 24 carat gold and ester form of vitamin C. The treatment brightens the discoloration and reinforces  the capillary in apparent way. It has also strong anti-wrinkle activity.

Treatment time: 70 min.


Power of Mesotherapy – nonneedle mesotherapy treatment

It is one of the most modern way of rejuventating skin. It works not only as lifting for  face, neck and the decoletté but also provides anti-wrinkle effect. It moisturises and makes the discoloration  brightened.

Treatment time: 70 min.


Power of cavitation –treatment including cavitation peeling

Cavitation is an example of modern technology used mainly  in order to clean the complexion without painful sensation. It deeply regenerates the skin due to its cleansing and  renewal.

Treatment time: 70 min.


 Diamond lifting – lifting and brighening treatment

Select treatment that makes the use of diamond dust which brightens and corrects the face oval. It corrects the wrinkles and fine lines. It also provides strongly lifting effect.

Treatment time: 70 min.


Diamond  look – eye lifting treatment

Beauty treatment for the eye area reduces dark circles which occur  under eye. It also corrects wrinkles tenses and smooths the epidermis.

Treatment time: 45 min.


The power of nature – detox and regeneration treatment

Innovational treatment with magnetic-enzymatic peeling intended for dull skin that is in constant contact with adverse city factors such as smog. It is also good for skin with post acne scars and ageing effects due to such ingredients as active coal and snail mucus extract.

Treatment time: 45 min.


The Yought Appeal caviare and algae- smoothing treatment

 Exclusive anti-wrinkle treatment . The complexion regains lucidity and the right level of moisture .  Caviare and algae improves the elasticity of the skin, therefore, wrinkles become smoother

Treatment time: 60  min.


 Marine Mineras Alga Line –revitalising treatment

 Except for revitalisation of skin the treatment provides face modeling as well as lifting effect. It makes the wrinkles smoother and on this account  looks seems younger.

Treatment time:60  min.


 White Clay Dermasebum line – refreshing and purifying treatment

 It is intended to greasy complexion prone to acne. After this treatment skin revives, becomes matte, less sensitive. Every pore in the complexion is constricted.

 Treatment time: 60  min.


Lifegiving oxygen – oxygenating treatment

Treatment intended to poorly moisturized and hypoxic complexion. Due to patented active ingredients, the treatment stimulates cellular respiration and increases immediate oxygen availability. Vitamin E disables the production of damaging free radicals in skin as well as moisturizes the complexion.

Treatment time: 60  min.


Face and Head Reflexology – relaxing and therapeutic treatment

Face reflects our personality and emotional states that’s why it needs special treatment. Except for using cosmetic preparation, we often don’t pay much attention to our faces. The treatment of face and head reflexology provides complete emotional silence as well as it introduces full relax. It is not only relaxing but also therapeutic treatment that restores the whole body’s biological balance.

Treatment time: 60  min.



BIOFUSION SECOND SKN –biologically regenerating treatment for mature and dehydrated skin

 Intensive treatment for dry, normal, mature and dehydrated complexion prone to irritation and feeling of tight skin. The complexion undergoes the process of biological regeneration due to biofusion technology. It is based on the fact that ingredients of preparation  make biocompatible second skin, which blend into the epidermis. This innovative technique provides spectacular long-lasting effect of moisturized, almost inflated skin. Unique softness of the skin can be felt directly after the treatment. The complexion has got aligned coloration, is brighter  and full of youthful glow.



 Innovative multiphase treatment with infusive retinol. It provides absolutely spectacular effect of rejuvenating looks of mature complexion. It strongly lifts, firms and smoothens by reducing size of wrinkles. The complexion becomes perfectly tense, youthfully resilient, stunningly smooth, moisturized and brightened



Excellent treatment smoothing and quickly improving condition of skin with symptoms of dehydration, dryness and discomfort. Especially recommended  for chain smokers. Indicated regardless of  age or  season for quick and long-lasting moisturizing deep levels of the epidermis. It improves the elasticity and refreshes the complexion. It is  super effective  even in case of extreme sensitive skin dryness.


 PRO-Lift – banquet treatment

This  treatment is great before rave party– it improves looks of tired, dry and rough skin. Polysaccharide lifting net makes the epidermis smoother. It reduces the symptoms of irritation and incredibly improves  complexion colour, which finally starts radiating freshness.


CONTRA –REDNESS - regenerating treatment of vascoconstriction  effect

This treatment is designed for hyperreactive vascular complexion prone to rosacea. It improves comfort of skin with visibly enlarged fragile capillaries due to present of hesperidine. It makes the complexion looks brighter and smoother. Treatment perfect for men as well.


CONTRA AGE –treatment against aging of the skin with hyaluronic and glycolic acid for every kind of skin

Sensationally smoothens, refreshes and brighten the complexion up. It also becomes moisturized at multiple levels due to hyaluronic acid of three particle sizes, as well as trehalose and urea. It stimulates cell renewal cycle and synthesis of skin support proteins.


Express Treatments


REVITALISATION – treatment immediately improving skin’s appearance

Express treatment intended for grey, dull, poorly moisturized complexion. Moisture-saturated complexion regains firmness and looks younger. Nano-disks containing Vitamin C and active peptides make the skin colour uniform  and bright as well as reduce the pores.


 METAMORPHOSIS – intensively regenerating treatment for dry, mature and sensitive complexion

 Makes dry,  rough skin with moisture deficiency and symptoms of aging look like smooth, soft satin. It reduces wrinkles, firms the complexion  and brightens coloration. It has soothing

effect especially if it comes to irritation symptoms.







 Man Zone Treatments



MAN VITYALIC – cleansing treatment with strong moisturizing effect for every kind of skin

 It cleanses and smoothes the skin surface, strongly moisturizes and refreshes the looks. It reduces the pores as well as peels old epidermis cells and stimulates creation of new ones improving overall skin condition. It gives a man’s face fresh and well-groomed look.



 MAN ESTHETIC –treatment for biological renovation of tired complexion  and eye area using hydration facemask

 Particularly recommended for skin that is exposed for long lasting contact with conditioned air and computer radiation. It is perfect for skin with dehydration symptoms poorly moisturized, of gray coloration. It has revitalizing and anti-stress effects and it stimulates metabolism. It  provides palliating to the eye lids and reduces bags and dark circles under the eyes.



 Medestetic Treatments


MANDEL EXPRESS PEEL–all-year revitalizing treatment with use of mandelic acid  


Universal treatment for every kind of complexion that needs revitalization, including sensitive, vascular complexion. It immediately smoothens the skin surface and  awakens the skin. It is perfect as a quick  treatment before banquet.


 MANDEL LIFT PEEL – all-year lifting treatment with use of mandelic acid

Treatment for every kind of tired skin. Particularly beneficial for mixed, oily, problematic skin of grey coloration. It reduces skin glow, perfectly smoothes the complexion and gives healthy looks and fresh coloration. It also provides feeling of spectacular lifting and makes skin velvety smooth and soft to the touch.



Fruity Firming Tutti Frutti

Treatment with cosmetics of fruity line inspired by profusion of nature. The treatment’s base  is dried fruit which due to its content of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, moisturises and nourishes the skin.



The exceptional effect of algae reach in minerals, vitamins and proteins. This treatment is one of the most efficient and natural methods of swift body shaping and fat tissue reduction.


Cold Guam Bandages

Treatment for sensitive skin. It reduces cellulite, drains, and stimulates fat burning processes. It also tightens and regenerates the skin.


Body Wrap

It improves circulation, hydration as well as elasticity and firmness of the skin. Treatment of this kind reduces cellulite and fat tissue


Body wrap, Guam, Infra Red lamp

This treatment is based on body wrapping and also  includes irradiation with  IR lamp. Its effect is elastic skin and firm body without symptoms of cellulite.


Vibrating massage

It firms the body and reduces unnecessary fat tissue. It may be perfect complementing body treatment increasing positive effects of other treatments.


Cherry Bloom

Exclusive body treatment with  regenerating and slimming properties. After the treatment skin is silky smooth and cashmere like


Cranberry Feast

It is appetizing adventure after which skin gains youthful glow. The treatment pampers the senses, relaxes and wraps the skin with a subtle fragrance.


Pleasure Garden

Aromatic cure intensively moisturising dehydrated skin of the body. It lets you forget about the worries of everyday life, daydream and rest.




Hand paraffin wax

 Deep regeneration of dry hand skin. Paraffin brings back softness and resilience.


Cinnamon feet

 Feet skincare in 3 steps: feet bath in cinnamon essential oil, massage with reflexology elements and feet mask. Feet become smoother, moisturised and relaxed.


Feet lavender relax

 Feet Relax in 3 steps.: feet bath in lavender essential oli, massage with reflexology elements with usage of feet cream and refreshing lavender mist. The treatment brings, consolation as well as moisturise and refreshment.


Feet reflexology

Feet reflexology is treatment of both relaxing and therapeutic effects. It makes blood circulation more efficient. It eliminates stress and tension as well as softens nervous system. Reflexology unblocks embolism and often eliminates pains and brings back biological balance to human system. Reflexology is based on hand pressure to reflexology points, that reflex glands, organs and parts of the body, and which can be found on feet.


Rose garden for hands – Rose treatment

The treatment smooths hand skin. It is a combiner of aromatherapy and modern cosmetic techniques as well as peak performance of cosmetology. Due to content rose water and rose essential oil you can immerse in garden of bloomy roses.


 Hands full of Lilac – Smoothing SPA  treatment for hands

Treatment aimed at specialised hand skin care and nails nourishment. Thanks to active substances such as: ceramides and urea. It efficiently softens the skin and soothes the irritations.




Classical massage

 It provides quick and effective relaxation and makes metabolism more efficient.

Treatment time:  30 min – part masage; 50 min whole body massage


The Benessere Massage

 The deep relaxing massage. It softens each and every sense. Warm oils of wild herbs are used during this massage. It brings you to wonderful word of relaxation and lessening of tension.

Treatment time: 60 min

 The Touch of warmth Massage

 Relaxing full body massage with usage of warm oil. It softens, unwinds and exposes you to forget about every day stress.

Treatment time:50 min


Herbal stamp Massage

 Extraordinary massage which is made by means of stamps full of aromatic herbs, fruits and spices. It is aimed at bringing harmony back to human system.

Treatment time: 60 min

 Aromatherapeutic massage

 It is combiner of massage and efficient method of discomfort eliminating by means of natural essential oils.

Treatment time:


Honey massage

 Relaxing massage that increases level of metabolic rate, accelerates of blood and lymph circulation It makes the elasticity of skin better, softens it and support cellulite reduction.

Treatment time:30 min


Hot stones massage

 Hot stones have got power, which is able to alleviate tired body and soul. They provide thermoterapeutic assets as well as acupressure and lymphatic drainage. They bring feeling of deep relaxation, peace and quiet.

Treatment time: 40 min part massage; 60 min whole body massage


 Vacuum Cupping Massage

 Vacuum Cupping massage stimulates circulation of body fluids as well as blood circulation what rationalise getting rid of redundant metabolism products and toxins from a body. As an effect of metabolic, rate cellulite reduction and skin firming occurs. It is made by means of specially designed Chinese tool.

Treatment time: 30 min


 Vibration massage

 Intensive massage especially intended for people with cellulite. It efficiently makes fat tissue fade. It is made by means of highly specialised equipment.

Treatment time: 20 min


 Hand Massage

 Relaxing treatment of beneficial effect for health and beauty.

Treatment time: 20 min


Foot Massage

 Intensively carting foot treatment that not only regenerates and moisturises the skin but also stimulates the reflexology points on feet.

Treatment time: 20 min


 Face Massage

 It is one of the most precise massages that can be made in therapeutic purposes but most of all for cosmetic care effects. It causes muscle tone release and therefore effectively reduces wrinkles.

Treatment time:20 min


 Face massage with therapeutic rollers

 The massage is made by means of therapeutic rollers . It helps  in nice and easy way to get firming effect for face, neck and décolleté skin. It also makes face oval look better.

Treatment time: 30 min


Tsuboki massage

 This special kind of massage designed not only for face but also head, neck and decolette. It provides lifting effect and relaks the whole body. The name Tsuboki means: tsubo – acupressure points Ki- vital energy

Treatment time: 30 min.



villaromantica - RITUALS RITUALS read more


The Alpine harmony with the Benessere massage

 Well known features of alpine hay and flowers make skin cleansed and  free from toxins. Their aroma and advantages poses power to pleasurably regenerate body and soul. A contact with mountain nature provides buoyancy and simmers emotions down.

Treatment time: 120 min


 The Energy of life with the Benesere massage

 The Full immersion in alleviation and aroma of fruits. Magical mixture of honey, flowers, apples and apricots makes wonderful compress not only for body but also for soul. It nicely strengthens, firms and increases skin elasticity.

Treatment time: 120 min.

The Slim therapy

 Active therapy based on incredibly efficient active substances that burn fat tissue. It stimulates and intensively increase fat tissue reduction. It regenerates and firms skin, bringing out its silk-like smoothness.

Treatment time: 90 min.

 The Stillness of a calm ocean

 The treatment guarantees harmony, relax and full body regeneration. The natural force hidden in floral essences, minerals, vitamins deeply regenerates the skin structure to make it smooth, moisturised and brightened.

Treatment time: 90 min.


 The Chocolate Journey

 The ritual based on a tempting aroma of an appetising chocolate. It will take you to the state of deep relaxation and placidity. It slimes and stimulates cellulite reduction . It also increases skin elasticity and firmness.

Treatment time: 90 min.






All SPA Baths at Villa  Romantica Spa Parlour provide pleasurable hydromassages what brings positive effects for skin and cellulite reduction but most of all they take You to the world of SPA relaxation and therefore hep to get things easy.

(Treatment time: 20 min.)




Salt bath

 It leaves the body with a nice feeling of relaxation as well as increases vital strength potential. It regulates microcyrculation and stimulates metabolism rate.


Pearl bath

Aromatherapeutic bath based on essential oils soothes tension, provides full body relaxation due to incredibly pleasurable hydromassage.


Moorpeet salt bath

Bath based on moorpeat salt and oil which reduces reumatoidal pains, joint pains and has got inhalation effect. Moorpeat is a perfect natural product with versatile, positive effect on human body.




A treatment with usage of IR radiation. It realises muscle tension and has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Treatment time: 10 min


 Moorpeat compresse

 Medical influence of moorpeat organic substances increases blood circulation. Moorpeat warms up, has got non-inflammatory and anti-swelling effect.

Treatment time: 20 min.


 Magnet therapy

 Analgesic, non-inflammatory treatment increasing metabolism rate.

Treatment time: 20 min.



This treatment prevents and cures many respiratory tract disorders, such as asthma, allergies and other infections.

Treatment time: 10 min.


 Ultrasounds and phonophoresis

 These treatments have got analgesic and non-inflammatory effect, reduce muscle tension, expand the blood vessels and reduce cellulite.

Treatment time: 10 min.


Laser therapy

The treatment accelerates tissues healing, is analgesic, non-inflammatory and stimulates immunity system.

Treatment time: 10 min.



Partial classical massage 50 zł / 30 min
Full body classical massage 70 zł / 50 min
Partial massage + Infra red lamp 60 zł / 40 min
Full body massage + Infra red lamp 85 zł / 65 min
"Benessere" massage 100 zł / 60 min
"The touch of the heat" massage 80 zł / 50 min
Herbal stamps massage 140 zł / 60 min
Aromatherapy partial massage 50 zł / 30 min
Ayurvedic massage 150 zł / 90 min
Hot stone massage (partial) 90 zł / 40 min
Hot stone massage (whole body) 140 zł / 60 min
Infra red lamp 25 zł / 15 min
"Alpine harmony" 230 zł / 120 min
"Energy of life" 230 zł / 120 min
Slim therapy 150 zł / 90 min
"Calm ocean" 150 zł / 90 min
Caviar and algae "The charm of youth" 95 zł / 60 min
Alga Line 85 zł / 60 min
Dermasebum Line 80 zł / 60 min
Hydro line "Life sustaining oxygen" 80 zł / 60 min
Sensitive + Algae 90 zł / 60 min
Cavitation peeling from 100 zł / 60 min
Microdermabrasion from 150 zł / 75 min
"Fruit Siesta" 85 zł / 60 min
Linia White 100 zł / 60 min
Herbal stamps face massage 80 zł / 30 min
Diamond face lifting 130 zł / 60 min
Diamond eye lifting 70 zł / 45 min
Face cosmetic massage 30 zł / 20 min
"The pleasure garden" 150 zł / 70 min
Lift & Go 150 zł / 70 min
Stem - Lift 35+ 150 zł / 70 min
HialiQ Expert 150 zł / 70 min
Fruity firm TUTTI FRUTTI 140 zł / 80 min
GUAM (partial) 95 zł / 50 min
GUAM (whole body) 140 zł / 70 min
Orange line " Cold bandages" 140 zł / 70 min
Body wrap (cinnamon - ginger line) 140 zł / 70 min
Body wrap, GUAM with infra red lamp 150 zł / 75 min
Vibrating massage with reducing cream 40 zł / 20 min
Ultrasound massage 80 zł / 30 min
Depilation (mustache, beard) 15 zł each
Depilation (thighs, calfs, hands, bikini) 50 zł each
Depilation: (whole legs) 80 zł
Regulation and henna 17 zł each
Paraffin 80 zł / 45 min
Cinnamon feet 80 zł / 45 min
Lavender relaxing feet treatment 80 zł / 45 min
Manicure SPA 80 zł / 60 min
Pedicure SPA 90 zł / 60 min
Underwater massage with Dr Kneipp's salts 40 zł / 20 min
Brine bath 35 zł / 20 min
Aromatherapy bubble bath 35 zł / 20 min
Ozone bath (oxygenating) 35 zł / 20 min
Mud - bath 30 zł / 20 min
Steam bath-style spa 45 zł / 20 min
Dry sauna 30 zł / 40 min
Sollux lamp 15 zł / 10 min
Mud treatment (local) 20 zł / 20 min
Magnetotherapy (total) 25 zł / 20 min
Inhalation 15 zł / 10 min
Ultrasound, phonophoresis 15 zł / each 10 min
Laser 20 zł / 15 min
Electrotherapy, iontophoresis 15 zł / each 10 min
Galvanization, electrostimulation 15 zł / each 10 min

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