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Facial De-Luxe treatments

Facial De-Luxe treatments

Premium Treatments

BIOFUSION SECOND SKIN – biologically regenerating treatment for mature and dehydrated skin
Intensive treatment for dry, normal, mature and dehydrated complexion prone to irritation and feeling of tight skin. The complexion undergoes the process of biological regeneration due to biofusion technology. It is based on the fact that ingredients of preparation  make biocompatible second skin, which blend into the epidermis. This innovative technique provides spectacular long-lasting effect of moisturized, almost inflated skin. Unique softness of the skin can be felt directly after the treatment. The complexion has got aligned coloration, is brighter  and full of youthful glow.

Innovative multiphase treatment with infusive retinol. It provides absolutely spectacular effect of rejuvenating looks of mature complexion. It strongly lifts, firms and smoothens by reducing size of wrinkles. The complexion becomes perfectly tense, youthfully resilient, stunningly smooth, moisturized and brightened

PRO & CONTRA Treatments

Excellent treatment smoothing and quickly improving condition of skin with symptoms of dehydration, dryness and discomfort. Especially recommended  for chain smokers. Indicated regardless of  age or season for quick and long-lasting moisturizing deep levels of the epidermis. It improves the elasticity and refreshes the complexion. It is super effective  even in case of extreme sensitive skin dryness.

PRO-Lift – banquet treatment
This  treatment is great before rave party– it improves looks of tired, dry and rough skin. Polysaccharide lifting net makes the epidermis smoother. It reduces the symptoms of irritation and incredibly improves complexion colour, which finally starts radiating freshness.

CONTRA–REDNESS - regenerating treatment of vascoconstriction effect
This treatment is designed for hyperreactive vascular complexion prone to rosacea. It improves comfort of skin with visibly enlarged fragile capillaries due to present of hesperidine. It makes the complexion looks brighter and smoother. Treatment perfect for men as well.

CONTRA AGE – treatment against aging of the skin with hyaluronic and glycolic acid for every kind of skin
Sensationally smoothens, refreshes and brighten the complexion up. It also becomes moisturized at multiple levels due to hyaluronic acid of three particle sizes, as well as trehalose and urea. It stimulates cell renewal cycle and synthesis of skin support proteins.

Express Treatments

REVITALISATION – treatment immediately improving skin’s appearance
Express treatment intended for grey, dull, poorly moisturized complexion. Moisture-saturated complexion regains firmness and looks younger. Nano-disks containing Vitamin C and active peptides make the skin colour uniform and bright as well as reduce the pores.

METAMORPHOSIS – intensively regenerating treatment for dry, mature and sensitive complexion
Makes dry, rough skin with moisture deficiency and symptoms of aging look like smooth, soft satin. It reduces wrinkles, firms the complexion  and brightens coloration. It has soothing effect especially if it comes to irritation symptoms.

Man Zone Treatments

MAN VITYALIC – cleansing treatment with strong moisturizing effect for every kind of skin
It cleanses and smoothes the skin surface, strongly moisturizes and refreshes the looks. It reduces the pores as well as peels old epidermis cells and stimulates creation of new ones improving overall skin condition. It gives a man’s face fresh and well-groomed look.

MAN ESTHETIC – treatment for biological renovation of tired complexion and eye area using hydration facemask
Particularly recommended for skin that is exposed for long lasting contact with conditioned air and computer radiation. It is perfect for skin with dehydration symptoms poorly moisturized, of gray coloration. It has revitalizing and anti-stress effects and it stimulates metabolism. It  provides palliating to the eye lids and reduces bags and dark circles under the eyes.